Changes in Comparison to Previous Release

Release 2.0.1

This release contains some improvements and bug-fixes.

  • Improvement: added possibility for radial gauge to animate ticks bar instead of animating needle.
  • Improvement: documentation updated.
  • Improvement: added possibility to define font size of the gauge text elements.
  • Improvement: added more examples.
  • Improvement: added typescript definitions to DefinitelyTyped repository.
  • Improvement: Added possibility to fill gauge plate with gradient.
  • Bug-fix: Fixed broken links in README file.
  • Bug-fix: Fixed problems with animations with some old browsers.
  • Bug-fix: Fixed incorrect gradient drawings on linear gauges.
  • Bug-fix: Fixed wrong positioning of highlight on linear gauge.
  • Bug-fix: Fixed problem with font-loading detection in firefox in the examples.
  • Bug-fix: Fixed problem with progress bar invalid positioning in some cases.

If you facing any issues using gauges v2.0.1, please report.
For usage examples, please, refer examples page.

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