Changes in Comparison to Previous Release

Release 2.1.0

This release contains the following bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Improvement: implemented progress bar for radial gauges.
  • Improvement: added possibility to control automatic DOM-document parse for gauge creation on a page (see issue #87)
  • Improvement: Added possibility to configure full 360-degree plate radial gauges to rotate plate/needle by a minimal path between changing values (see issue #77)
  • Improvement: Added possibility to inject into gauge drawing workflow using event model (see issue #82)
  • Bug-fix: fixed wrong value-box positioning on linear gauges.
  • Bug-fix: fixed wrong text positioning in value box.
  • Bug-fix: fixed bug with drawing outranged-value gauges.
  • Bug-fix: fixed some problems with updating some options on dynamic re-configuration of the gauges.
  • Bug-fix: fixed wrong highlight drawings on linear gauges when min value is above zero (see issue #76)

If you facing any issues using gauges v2.1.0, please report.
For usage examples, please, refer examples page.

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